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Electric Pea Sheller Sr.

Watch our electric pea sheller in action on purple hull peas!

A demo our family made!

Directions for Use

ALWAYS start by washing the produce first!  Peas or beans MUST be ripe and easily shelled by hand.  If they are not ripe or overly dry you will have some difficulty with the operation and performance of this pea sheller.

Feed the hull end of the bean in first.  Lima (butter) beans must be fed into the rollers at an angle with the thick, vine end first.  These are tougher to shell and may occasionally require the operator to carefully pull a pod through the rollers.  

If the peas were picked green and placed in the refrigerator, the sheller may have problems with the beans.  Let the beans come to room temperature first.

Pea Shelling Tips and Tricks

If your peas or beans are mashing when shelling, your beans are either too green, too dry or the pods are overly tough from the growing conditions.  You may be able to overcome the mashing/smashing issue by following a few easy steps. 1. Blanch the beans/peas (in the pod) in boiling water for 1 to 4 minutes.  2. Then quickly cool them in cold water in your sink.  
This will make the pods more tender.  Then shell as normal.

If you are going to freeze your peas after shelling, blanch them (after shelling, no pods) for 4 minutes and the place in them in the freezer in an appropriate container.

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