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Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr.

Multifunctional � perfect for a range of tasks, including gardening, harvesting fruits and veggies, gathering eggs, home maintenance, outdoor cleanup, and even picking up toys. If you need a basket or bucket at your side for any task, this tool will help you greatly!

Safe & Efficient � frees up both hands to move safely and efficiently to tackle any job, including those on a ladder. You can throw it in the washing machine for easy clean up. 

Handy � no more need to lug a bucket around; the Jr. is always at your side. It also has a pocket for scissors or snips, or even an iPod or phone. Adjustable � the attached belt expands from 25� to 52� to easily fit a range of ages and sizes .

Compact & Easy to use � the patented 6� diameter ring opening makes depositing produce into the bag fast and easy. At 12� deep, it can hold more than a gallon.

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