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EZ Corn Cutter and Creamer

Here is the promotional video. You can also see a demonstration by an actual EZ user!

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Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer

Invented by J.B. Lee in 1939, this patented wooden corn cutter with stainless steel blades is sure to save you time when removing sweet corn kernels from the cob whole or in cream style. Much, much faster than a knife!

Buy 1:$13.95 Each
Buy 2:$12.75 Each
Buy 3-5:$12.00 Each
Buy 6-11:$11.50 Each
Buy 12+:$10.50 Each
Stainless Steel Corn Cutter and Creamer

Based on Original Wooden Base Model 101, this model is fabricated entirely from stainless steel. This gourmet version of our famous corn cutter and creamer is sure to save you time when processing sweet corn.

Buy 1:$19.95 Each
Buy 2:$18.75 Each
Buy 3-5:$18.00 Each
Buy 6-11:$17.50 Each
Buy 12+:$16.50 Each
Plastic Corn Cutter and Creamer

The famous Lee Corn Cutter and Creamer is available for a limited time in a plastic version. These were ran a few years back during a wood supply shortage. They work just like the traditional corn cutter!

Retail: $9.99
On Sale: $6.99
You Save: 31%
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